Access Port VLANs

I have struggled with VLAN's for a really long time. Sure, I get the concept, but implementing them was where I kept getting hung up. Especially since every switch I've ever used has implemented them differently.

I am currently working on a project for a new client that required segregating some network traffic. They are using the NETGEAR Prosafe GS752TP network switch.

Here is how I created a simple VLAN, and assigned a couple of access ports to said VLAN.

Just to clarify, untagged is generally used for ports where the device attached doesn't need to be aware of the VLAN. As for tagged, that is generally used for trunked ports. Trunking means there is traffic spanning multiple VLANs going across a single port.

Step 1: Create the VLAN
This involves mostly giving it a number, ideally you'd put in a description too..

Step 2: Set the port for tagged or untagged traffic

Step 3: Set the VLAN to be used by the port

To be honest, step 3 seemed extra to me. I'm not sure if that's me not understanding something, or just a bad UI on the switch. Truth be told, most networking gear are severly lacking in the UI department ;-)